15 thoughts on “Mirza Ghasemi – Persische Aubergine

    • Hannah, that is a bummer with the eggplant sensitivity. I wonder if Asian eggplants or salting them (to remove some of the bitter oils) makes a difference. Is it an allergy or irritation? Years ago I used to have a mild allergic reaction to eggplant, and similarly to pineapple– weird fuzzy sensation or numbness in my mouth. I’ll be curious to hear how the recipe works out with zucchini instead, please let me know.

  1. I also love this sort of recipe a lot! I have made similar recipes like this one before & loved it too! :) I am so going to make it!
    PS: I also have made your zucchini lasagna 2 times & my husbnad Peter & I loved it so much! :) Happy Cooking & eating! ;)

    • Sophie, that’s great that the zucchini lasagna is such a popular hit! I’m always especially pleased when I hear that non-veg eaters also enjoy the vegan recipes. Let me know how it goes with the persian eggplant. Several people have made it so far and I’ve heard great things!

  2. I was so delighted to find a Vedic version of Mirza Ghasemi that I subscribed to your site. I cook Vedic vegetarian Iranian cuisine for my husband and have yet to find recipes on the web that are both Vedic and Iranian. I am so grateful! Looking forward to more recipes and advice from you.

    • Hi Jyoti, I’m thrilled you found the recipe. It’s a great one. It’s actually very similar to Bengan Bhartha, the Indian dish, which is also a favorite of mine I cook often. Thanks for subscribing to the site. I’ll be posting some info soon for the mailing list and on the Facebook page on how to order the cookbook which is coming out next month. Let me know if you cook any other of my recipes, I love to hear it. :-)

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  4. I had about 10 min to add an eggplant side dish to our impromptu Persian-inspired dinner (forgot about it and cleaned up while other things were cooking instead of working with the eggplant). I didn’t want to make my usual eggplant with Italian or Asian seasoning and found this recipe. I read the ingredient list, yes, I had everything needed! I didn’t have time to read the instructions or I may have stopped. Instead I peeled and cubed the eggplant, tossed olive oil and eggplant in a cast iron pan alone for a few minutes, prepped the garlic & tomatoes, then dumped them in with the other ingredients as quickly as I could gather them up. I used a spatula to turn the eggplant occasionally to cook evenly, keep it from becoming mush, and mix the ingredients. I only had dried mint, so I crumbled that in the last 2 min of cooking. We loved it! The pepper added a nice kick. Thank you for giving me another option for eggplant!

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