17 thoughts on “(English) Vegan Paneer Makhani

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  2. This is AMAZING. I’ve never had cow secretion-based paneer, but the tofu in this recipe has to be pretty damn close to the “real thing.” The flavors are just out of this world, and the sauce is perfect. My boyfriend’s mom is from India, and her paneer makhani with tofu doesn’t hold a candle to this recipe! P.S. Instead of cashews/water I used 3/4 cup of Tofutti sour cream blended with 1/4 cup water.

    • Nicole, I’m delighted to hear it turned out so well for you! It took me *years* to figure out how to make decent vegan paneer. Tofu is definitely tricky, and not-so-tasty unless you know how to work with it. Glad you loved the sauce! Your idea for the creamy sauce sounds excellent, too. A bit of a tangy edge, which fits!

  3. I didn’t have hing either… or tofu! Instead I cooked some sliced potatoes and added them in, together with an onion and a handful of sweetcorn. This is the third Indian recipe I’ve made from this site and they’ve all been an absolute hit; I love that the sauces of your Indian recipes are so thick and full-flavoured, just as they are in restaurants.

    • Julianne, that’s cool the potatoes worked out well in place of tofu. I do that, too. The corn is a nice touch! Thanks for letting me know that you’re enjoying the recipes. I always try for authentic and memorable flavors, so “just like the restaurants” is a fantastic compliment. I look forward to your comments on other recipes! :)

  4. Wow! Made a double batch and added chickpeas and cayenne pepper. Used almond milk and doubled everything except the coriander and cashews. We also added some steamed cabbage to our bowls. Amazing and perfect for this cold winter! Thank you so much — I stumbled upon your web site and will definitely seek out your book.

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