8 thoughts on “Zucchini-Lasagna

  1. Oh holy moly! This looks absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for sharing — I’ve been on the lookout for a tasty lasagna recipe lately. Also, I’m extremely jealous you have such easy access to an all-vegan supermarket! I wish I had been veg when I visited Berlin… no doubt I would spend all day in Veganz. ;)

    • Thanks, Sophie, I appreciate the words. The smoked tofu makes this more fun. I’ve usually made it with regular tofu but this last time I did it a little different and was quite pleased with the results. I’m sure you will be too. :)

    • Stephen, I haven’t experimented with freezing before cooking, but I imagine it would work. I’d let it thaw for 30-60 min before cooking and possibly add 10-20 min to the oven time since you’ll be starting from chilly instead of warm. For better results you could try to assemble and cook it, let it cool, wrap it well, then freeze it. Then re-heat it in the oven whenever. Frozen (cooked) lasagna, I do know, lasts a long time in the freezer and usually re-heats very well. My mom taught us that!

  2. That´s the second recipe I tried from your blog and it is fantastic! We couldn´t stop eating because it was so amazing!! ssshhh we nearly managed to eat it all with two persons only – thats embarassing isn´t it?

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