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My newest cookbook, The Lotus and the Artichoke – INDIA just launched on Kickstarter!

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My new INDIA cookbook has been years in the making – with recipes, stories, artwork & photographs inspired by 8 trips to my most favourite country. It’s a culinary love story of my favorite cuisine – based on a total of nearly two years in India and 25 years of devotion to Indian cooking.

My first trip to India was in 2001: mostly North India and Nepal. I spent 4 months on that journey, then another 6 weeks in South India in 2006. I visited twice more, in 2009 & 2010, followed by living and working for a year (as an art teacher) in Central India, returning to Berlin in 2011.

In Autumn 2016 & Spring 2017, I went back to India to taste and explore the last regions (and cuisines) of India still waiting for me. I traveled across Kashmir & Ladakh, trekking through mountain villages and exploring towns and cities, staying mostly with families and cooking together in their kitchens. Then I went deep into the Northeast: West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, and Nagaland. I even met with world famous chefs at their restaurants – and homes – for incredible eats and great times in the kitchen.

Now I’m back in Berlin, recreating the culinary wonders of the Indian subcontinent in my own kitchen. As with my previous 4 cookbooks, I have written, illustrated, cooked, photographed, and designed this book myself. It’s a labor of love and the ultimate combination of my passions: art, travel, vegan cooking, and photography.

I’m back on Kickstarter for my 5th international cookbook project. You can join the crowdfunding which makes everything possible. It’s an adventure in itself, complete with backer-only updates, behind the scenes sneak peaks, exclusive travel videos & stories, recipe testing groups, and more.

Pre-order a signed copy of The Lotus and the Artichoke – INDIA (including worldwide shipping, stickers & e-book for €25!)

My INDIA Cookbook at a glance:

  • My 5th cookbook of vegan recipes inspired by my travels, stays with families, and cooking in the kitchens of restaurants worldwide
  • 192 pages with 90+ recipes and over 70 full-page color photos
  • Personal storiesart, and recipes inspired by 8 trips / 21+ months of travel around India and over 25 years vegan cooking experience
  • Total variety of regional cuisines: Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Maharashtrian, Tamil, Kerelan, Karnatakan, Goan, Hyderbadi, Bengali, Assamese, Sikkimese, Ladakhi, Tibetan, Nepali
  • Indian classics & family favorites, timeless treats, new culinary wonders, mind-blowing mega-metropolitan snacks, fabulous village feasts, scrumptious street food, and insanely delicious desserts
  • Discover new flavors, tasty spices, and awesome cooking skills
  • Great for cooks of all levels, from beginner to advanced: Recipes use easy-to-find ingredients (Cook everything, anywhere!)
  • Delicious, easy-to-follow recipes designed to satisfy and impress eaters of all ages, tastes, and minds
  • Available in ENGLISH… und auch auf DEUTSCH!

Shahi Bengan – Roasted Stuffed Eggplant

Gobi Pakoras – Batter-fried Cauliflower

Saag Paneer – Spinach & Fried Tofu Cubes

Pani Puri – Street Food Favorite

Aloo Paratha – Grilled Potato-Stuffed Flatbreads

Shahi Paneer – fried tofu cubes in creamy tomato sauce

Seitan Vindaloo – Goan Tangy Curry

Samosas! Fried Potato-Stuffed Pastries

Gajur Halava – Bengali Carrot Pudding

Gulab Jamuns – Doughballs in Rose Syrup

Berry Halava – Fruity Semolina Dessert

Recipes in The Lotus and the Artichoke – INDIA:

  • Garam Masala, Sambar Masala, Chaat Masala & Panch Puran
  • Tamarind Ginger, Pineapple, Tomato, Coconut, Chili & Bhang Chutneys
  • Aam Achar – Mango Pickle
  • Amitar Khar – Assamese papaya starter
  • Handvo – Gujurati zucchini cake
  • Uttapam – South Indian rice & lentil pancakes with tomatoes
  • Idly Paper Dosa – Karnatakan crispy rice & lentil crepes
  • Rava Dosa – Tamil semolina crepes
  • Dahi Vada Chaat – lentil cakes with yogurt & chutney
  • Hariali Paneer Tikka – Punjabi tofu skewers with spices & herbs
  • Gobi Pakora – batter-fried cauliflower
  • Mirchi Vada – Rajasthani batter-fried chillies
  • Aloo Tikka – spicy, fried potato cakes
  • Samosa – vegetable-stuffed fried pastry
  • Pani Puri – potato-stuffed fried pastry with tamarind spice water
  • Pav Bhaji – spicy vegetable mash with fresh baked buns
  • Momos – Tibetan vegetable dumplings
  • Shapaley – Tibetan vegetable pies
  • Kolkota Kathi Roll – spicy soymeat & shredded cabbage wrap
  • Sambar Bandhgobi Rolls – stuffed cabbage leaves
  • Aloo Dum – Kashmiri tomato potato curry
  • Shahi Tamatar – roasted stuffed tomatoes
  • Shahi Bengan – roasted stuffed eggplant
  • Shahi Mirch – roasted stuffed peppers
  • Shahi Paneer – tofu cubes in creamy, tomato curry
  • Paneer Jalfrezi – spicy tofu cubes
  • Saag Paneer – spinach & tofu cubes
  • Mutter Paneer – peas & tofu cubes
  • Xaak – Assamese greens, potatoes & cherry tomatoes
  • Bengan Bhartha – Kashmiri roasted aubergine
  • Malai Kofta – potato dumplings in creamy tomato curry
  • Bindi Aloo Tawa Masala – spicy stir-fried okra & potatoes
  • Khumb Kaju Makhani – Rajasthani cashew mushroom curry
  • Shukto – Bengali eggplant, potato & plantains
  • Pumpkin Posto – Bengali squash in creamy poppy seed curry
  • Seitan Vindaloo – Goan tangy curry
  • Black Sesame Seitan – Assamese spicy curry
  • Tamatar Pitika – Assamese tomatoes with herbs & spices
  • Aloo Pitika – Assamese potatoes with herbs & spices
  • Bol Tenga – Assames lentil dumplings in tangy curry
  • Mas Tenga – Assamese tangy jackfruit curry
  • Chupke – Tibetan dumpling soup
  • Tarka Dal – Punjabi lentil curry
  • Chana Masala – spicy chickpeas
  • Rajma – Kashmiri red kidney bean curry
  • Lobia Palak – black-eyed peas with lemon & spinach
  • Golden Rice – with turmeric & spices
  • Chana Pulao – rice with chickpeas
  • Pulihora – Tamil tamarind rice with peanuts & spices
  • Classic Biryani – Kashmiri rice dish with vegetables, nuts & spices
  • Jackfruit Biryani – Tamil coconut rice dish with spicy jackfruit
  • Tupula Bhaat – Assamese sticky rice steamed in banana leaves
  • Aloo Paratha – grilled flatbread stuffed with potatoes
  • Tibetan Bread – fried breakfast snack
  • Makki Roti – grilled cornbread
  • Roti – wholewheat grilled flatbread
  • Garlic Naan – traditional baked flatbread
  • Poori – deep-fried flatbreads
  • Date Ladoo – date & nut sweets
  • Besan Ladoo – chickpea sweet
  • Gajur Halava – spiced carrot pudding
  • Berry Halava – strawberry & blueberry semolina sweet
  • Mysore Pak – traditional sweet squares
  • Gulab Jamun – deep-fried dough balls in rose syrup
  • Rasmalai – cheese balls in saffron mango milk
  • Jalebi – fried, syrupy sweet
  • Peda – lemon cashew creamy sweet
  • Kheer – Kashmiri rice pudding with cardamom, nuts & raisins
  • Mishti Doi – Bengali sweet curd
  • Shrikand – Maharashtran yogurt dessert
  • Pista Kulfi – pistachio ice cream
  • Pitha – Bengali sesame & date pastry
  • Narikol Ladoo – Assamese shredded coconut balls
  • Kadala Parippu – Keralan sweet chana dal dessert
  • Ginger Chai – spiced black tea
  • Kahwa – Kashmiri green tea with almond & saffron
  • Badam Dudh – almond milk with cardamom & cinnamon
  • Anjoor Kaju Dudh – cashew shake with fig & date
  • Strawberry Mint Lassi – yogurt smoothie

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