Green Bean Sweet Potato Tofu Curry

Indo-German: Green Bean Sweet Potato Tofu Curry

The story of some of my best culinary creations goes something like this: I have a dish in mind but either I didn’t go shopping or otherwise don’t have all the ingredients. I look around in the fridge and comb the shelves. At first glance, I’m always doubtful, but within a few minutes I’ve got stuff all over the counter and suddenly I’m feeling far more optimistic.

This curry came into existence on one such evening. Half a block of tofu and half a brick of frozen green beans in the freezer. One tomato left. Two sweet potatoes and a few shallots just chilling in the cupboard. What to do? I wanted something with Indian and Thai flavors but with a slight spin. Fresh thyme! I put on some music and got chopping…

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