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The Lotus and the Artichoke - World Travel Map with photos

The Lotus and the Artichoke - Weltkarte - Vegane Rezepte von Weltabenteuern

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    • Hi Janet, excellent you got the cookbook! I look forward to hearing how the cooking goes. I was fairly young when I lived and traveled through Micronesia. The “cuisine” is rather simple: traditionally seafood and tropical fruit, supplemented by rice and lots of inexpensive (e.g. canned) imported products. So, no Micronesian (or Marshallese) recipes in the book per se, but the appreciation of coconuts and the climate there certainly influenced my travel and cooking styles. :)

  3. Hi JPM !
    I just went through your book and it literally blew me away ! Not only the recipes are varied, quite simple, and look delicious. I wish I could try them all in one single day ! But more than a cooking book, the Lotus and the Artichoke acts as a life-inspiring book. Food is such a big issue nowadays. World population is increasing, and feeding everybody is such a challenge, since natural resources aren’t endless. I live in Switzerland, not so far away from France, in a small village where being vegetarian is quite rare. I’m not even talking about veganism. Meat, dairy products and chocolate are part of the aera’s tradition, and people think turning vegetarian or vegan will harm their health. Your book inspires me to assume my choice with greater courage and passion ! It proves that vegan cuisine is as tasty as animal-based cuisine, it not tastier !
    I would love to know more about your round-the-world adventures !
    Grüsse !

    • Anne, what kind compliments! I’m happy you find my book inspiring and reassuring in your eating choices. I definitely had many of the same thoughts in mind as you mention, when I was making the book. There’s a whole world of delicious vegan food waiting to be discovered… and invented! Also, I recall that there are lots of fantastic, traditional Swiss (dark) chocolates which are made vegan. Yum yum yum! Grüsse zurück!

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